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Black History Month

This month is a time for us to consciously honor our ancestors for all the sacrifices they made for us to be still here! Our ancestors have paved a brilliant way for each of us and along that path they have built this nation brick by brick, invented items that impact and ease our daily living even today! They've educated generations, and been the 1st of so many milestones.

Our history is always taught or written in the school books. And its even band due due the threat of our greatness! So don't be fooled into thinking there is anything that we cannot do as a people.

Mark this jubilant month with pressing forward, while honoring those that came before us! Set the mark that you work towards new feats, set new goal, make money moves, learn new things and love deeper. Start with the love for yourself.

Treat yourself to those things that better and improve you!

Consider committing to travel more and expanding your horizons!

Book a trip to South Africa with She Travelin LLC for this November 4-13, 2023 or maybe join us for our Mother's Day cruise on NCL to Croatia sailing form Venice.

Contact me at to make a deposit to hold your spot.

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