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Terms & Conditions

She Travelin LLC (also known as Company, Merchant, us, we, our) provides packaged group travel products (a.k.a. tour, trip, vacation) that are purchased by a client (a.k.a. woman, traveler, group participant, you, your, she, her, his) on an individual basis. .

These Terms and Conditions represent a contractual agreement between you and She Travelin LLC and contain substantial penalties for cancellation, as well as specific limitations of liability. It is your responsibility to read and comprehend these Terms and Conditions. You will be required to actively affirm you "have Read and Agree to be Bound by She Travelin's Terms and Conditions", by signing a disclaimer, to participate in any service She Travelin LLC provides. Contact She Travelin LLC at: if you have any concerns about these terms and conditions before using any services offered by She Travelin.


1.1 Acceptance of Risk: Potential for Financial Loss without Receipt of Services

She Travelin LLC uses intermediaries and 3rd-party suppliers to arrange all services (i.e. lodging, transportation, sightseeing, guides, etc.) related to the tours offered and must enter into binding contractual agreements to provide these services for the group as a whole. You become a participant in the tour group upon receipt of the required payment and processing of your reservation.

Client acknowledges the potential for financial loss without receipt of services exists and accepts this risk at time of reservation. This includes and but is not limited to imposed cancellation fees in the event traveler cancels; situations where the traveler elects not to, is prohibited from, or is unable to fully participate in the tour arrangements for any reason; where the tour as a whole, or the individual arrangements, are delayed, impaired, modified or impossible to deliver due to no fault of She Travelin LLC.

Client payments, when due, are distributed to pay expenses She Travelin LLC has or will incur for administering your participation in the tour, and to pay intermediaries and 3rd-party suppliers to ensure availability of services and activities for the group as a whole as described in the tour.

Client acknowledges and agrees that upon the due date of each payment, the amount collected is non-refundable, non-transferable, and subject to cancellation penalties as stated in these Terms & Conditions.

1.2 Travel Protection Plan

She Travelin LLC does not provide travel protection plans (aka travel insurance). Client acknowledges it is her responsibility to determine the amount of coverage she needs to acquire to protect her travel investment from the risk of financial loss, to understand the coverage she has elected to purchase, and to be knowledgeable of her travel protection plan’s terms and conditions.  Client
MUST purchase travel insurance. Client is encouraged to purchase the broadest amount of coverage with the least restrictions.

Declining to purchase an adequate travel protection plan could result in the loss of your travel cost and/or require more money to correct the situation. You also acknowledge that without this coverage, there may be no way to recoup any losses, costs or expenses incurred. If you choose to travel without adequate coverage, She Travelin LLC will not be liable for any of your losses howsoever arising, for which trip protection plan coverage would otherwise have been available. This includes unforeseen or unknowable events that may impact travel.

Submitting an Insurance Claim: Client acknowledges she must cancel using the Cancellation Form from the tour prior to submitting an insurance claim. Remaining on the tour while attempting to be reimbursed by insurance is unlawful. 

Should She Travelin LLC become aware client has submitted an insurance claim without prior written notification of cancellation, client acknowledges she will be removed from the tour effective the date She Travelin LLC becomes aware of the insurance claim and cancellation fees will be imposed as allowed by these terms and conditions. 

Failure of Insurance Company to Pay Claim: Client acknowledges that She Travelin LLC is not responsible should client's chosen coverage from her insurance company fail to pay her claim, in part or in whole, and agrees she will not reverse legitimately authorized payments to She Travelin LLC to recover the financial loss. Client further acknowledges she will not be refunded any additional monies by She Travelin and must make a new reservation if she wishes to rejoin the tour.

1.3 Use of FORMS and Email


You will be required to complete and return forms given by She Travelin LLC in order to be considered eligible to complete travel on all tours given by She Travelin LLC.
Some business transactions with She Travelin LLC are conducted through our website ( This can include, but is not limited too, reserving a spot on a tour, making tour/trip payments, providing information required to travel,  and tour information, and cancelling a tour/trip.

She Travelin LLC uses FORMS on this website to collect information and payments from you and to receive instructions from you. At the time of any FORM submission, you will be asked to confirm that you have read and agree to be bound by She Travelin's terms and conditions.

We use emails to confirm business transactions and to communicate with you. You agree to provide a valid email address - that belongs to you - to establish a business relationship with us. You further agree to receive emails from OR regarding the services you have purchased from us.

You acknowledge emails from us contain important information regarding the services you purchased and that some may require you to act by a certain date. Further, you acknowledge that your failure to read emails from She Travelin LLC or failure to take action by a certain date does not release you from any terms and conditions contained herein. 

In the event you change your email address, it is your responsibility to notify She Travelin LLC immediately via email to:, SUBJECT: Change of Email for [Last Name]. Provide your old and new email address in the text of the email.

1.4 Authorization to Charge Client's Credit Card and Electronic Signature

By submitting a FORM that will result in a charge to your credit card you are providing your electronic signature that you have authorized She Travelin LLC to charge your credit card the specified amount on the FORM. The Confirmation Email we send to you after we have charged your credit card is your RECEIPT. It is the client’s responsibility to verify the amount charged is accurate and notify She Travelin LLC immediately if an error is discovered. 

1.4.1 Illegitimate Disputes: Client acknowledges and agrees that initiating a dispute over the legitimacy of a credit card charge she previously authorized is illegitimate in the following cases:

1) To dispute any previously authorized payment that did not represent a mistake in the amount charged by She Travelin LLC.
2) To attempt to recover non-refundable payments and/or cancellation fees imposed by these Terms and Conditions.
3) To attempt to recover financial loss after client-purchased travel insurance fails to pay a claim, in part or in whole, for any reason.

1.4.2 Illegitimate Dispute Actions and Fee Assessment:  Client acknowledges that She Travelin must expend significant resources to refute illegitimate disputes. Client agrees She Travelin LLC is entitled to assess fees in the amount of $500 per disputed charge to recoup our expenses.  If the illegitimate dispute is associated with a tour the traveler is currently registered for, she will be removed from the tour on the date She Travelin LLC is notified of the dispute. See paragraph 2.7.2 - Denial of Participation in Tour due to non-compliance with payment requirements.

Client acknowledges She Travelin LLC reserves the right to refuse future credit card payments from the client, and/or refuse future reservations from client, and/or bring legal action for initiating an illegitimate reversal, and/or hire a collection agency to recover any financial losses as a result of the illegitimate reversal.

1.5 Changes to our Terms and Conditions

She Travelin LLC reserves the right to change these terms and conditions at any time. Your continued use of our website and services provided by She Travelin LLC constitute your agreement with the new terms and conditions. If the changes to the terms and conditions are material, She Travelin LLC will inform you  before the changes go into effect. The notice will designate a reasonable amount of time (the "Notice Period") after which the new terms and conditions will go into effect for all users. If you do not agree with the new terms and conditions, you may cancel your reservation in writing prior to the conclusion of the Notice Period. Should you cancel during the Notice Period, She Travelin LLC will apply the cancellation fees in effect for your tour immediately prior to the date of the posting of the updated Terms and Conditions.

1.6 Acceptance of Terms

Acceptance of these terms and conditions, along with the requirements to participate in a tour, and other official documents provided to you as part of the delivery of the tour, and in addition to our privacy policy, constitute the entire agreement between you and She Travelin LLC and both parties agree to be legally bound by the terms and conditions set forth in this agreement.


2.1 Overview of Your Tour's Payment Schedule

Your tour contains your Payment Due Dates can be found under "Payment Dates and Cancellation Penalty Amounts" which is located within the "Pricing & Payment Dates" section for your tour.

- Payment Types & Currency: Credit Card, personal check and wire transfer. All payments are in US Dollars.

- At Time of Reservation: A non-refundable deposit is required to hold a space on the tour. The amount due at the time you make your reservation is listed on the tour and is 100% refundable for 3 days after the reservation has been confirmed.

- Additional Deposit/payment(s): On certain tours additional deposit(s) are required. The date additional deposit(s) Will be communicated to client via email. She Travelin LLC will send a reminder email approximately 7 days prior to the due date(s).
Failure to Pay: A traveler who has not paid the required additional deposit/payment(s) 3 days after the due date will be charged $25 late fee.  A traveler who has not paid the required additional deposit/payment 7 days after the due date will be notified via email that she has been removed from the tour/trip for non-payment and her initial deposit forfeited, plus any other required non-refundable additional deposit(s) already paid.

- Final Payment: A final payment is required to be paid by the Final Payment Due Date. This payment will be invoiced via email approximately 14 days before the due date.
Failure to Pay: A traveler who has not paid her Final Payment 3 days after the Final Payment Due Date Will be removed from the tour for non-payment and the cancellation fees as of the Final Payment Due Date of the tour will be enforced.

2.2 Making a Reservation

Cost of all trips are based on double occupancy.  She Travelin LLC is not responsible for providing a roommate for you.  However if travelers are willing to room with each other to meet the double occupancy rate the She Travelin LLC is not responsible  or liable for travelers not getting along, theft or property or anything else.  Travelers agree to room of their own free will, accepting all possible risk.

Also when making Reservation you need to have the two persons per room ready to provide a deposit, otherwise reservation can only be made as a  single occupancy.  Single occupancy will require an additional cost in addition to the advertised price. This additional price will be provided by She Travelin LLC.


Deposits are fully refundable if cancellation is made within 3 days(72hrs) after deposit has been provided and travel date for trip is over 180 days away.

After 3 days of the "Deposit" being paid all money paid for trip(s) is non-refundable. 

There is a possibility to receive some of the money paid on a canceled trip, towards future credit on a trip. Any credit given is at the discretion of She Travelin LLC and will have to be used within 12 months from the date cancellation is made.


Cancellation of a trip must be made formally in writing via email to She Travelin LLC. 

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