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Hi, I'm Stacey! I'm here to be that voice in your head telling you YES you can!!  You can be a woman and want to travel the world.  You can be married and a mother and still travel the world.  How do I know it's ok and that you can do it??  I know because I did it!  And it was the strong women in my life that validated my dreams and supported me along my travel journey.  So get those DREAMS and start PLANNING and before you know it you'll be EXPERIENCING traveling this world. 

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My Story

I started traveling when I was a child.  The only way to travel and see family was taking road trips.  My parents packed us up in to the car and we drove to Michigan to she my mom’s sister’s family and go camping.  We'd drive down to Virginia so I could go to summer sleep away camp at the Girl Scouts, and twice we drove cross country from New York to California to visit my mom's family.  So I started my traveling in the USA.  Then when attending high school I participated in the 11 grade Foreign Exchange program and traveled to Venezuela, South America.  I was taking Spanish and that department sponsored the trip.  A group of students went and we each stayed with a local family. I cried the entire time, but it was an awesome experience! Then I hosted an exchange student from England, that didn’t turn out so good!

     Once I graduated from high school I went away to college in Georgia for 4 years.  This was my first experience living away from home for an extended period of time.  Here at college I met other Black woman that were from all over the country and world.  Then after graduating college a professor encouraged me to apply for a graduate program in Public Policy that required me to enlist in the Peace Corp.  I was excited for this opportunity.  I enlisted and unfortunately the Peace Corp piece fell through on the administrative level.  By this time I had met my husband, married and was pregnant with my first child.  But as fate would have it, 4 months after giving birth, with the support of my mother and the invitation of my girlfriend, I traveled to Paris, France to visit my girlfriend.  This trip set a fire in me to pursue my desire to travel.  And the rest is history. 

     My desire to travel was not easy as I was met with disagreement from my husband and the crazy comments from random people in path/life.  But I never let it deter me.  Since then I have traveled to over 45 different countries and have many more to travel to! I've traveled to 6 of the 7 continents, with only Antartica left to visit.  Now I'm retiring from the work world and focusing on helping other women follow their dreams to travel.  Being that voice of encouragement & inspiration.  Being married doesn't matter, not having a lot of money shouldn't stop you and being single shouldn't discourage you to go alone!  

Know that you can Dream-Plan-Experience travel! Join this travel community, give your name and email and submit so we can talk and support travel!!

Sorrento, Italy


Auckland, New Zealand

Rio de Janiero, Brazil

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