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A Culinary Journey

Food is a language and experience that is all it's own! We could go to a street fair and travel the world in a day by just eating the cuisine of the countries. Food is a representation of people, their heritage and culture, and when we physically travel we experience the countries through their people and food and customs. Well I say take a journey this month by going to restaurants that offer the foods of the very countries you'd like to visit!

I often if not always research the countries I plan to travel to. Part of this research is to find a local restaurant that prepares the foods of the country "I plan to visit. It's amazing the wonderful culinary gems right within our communities. Taste the flavors of Jamaica, Croatia, Portugal and so many beautiful countries and cultures. And come back an share with us your experiences, just like you would return from a trip and share of your wondrous journey!

So let's start making our reservations!!!

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