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Adventure Travel

I often see this title when reading about travel and I'm often amused. Everyone can define "Adventure" differently as it pertains to their life. Adventure travel could mean just traveling period, it could mean going to an international destination or traveling Solo or with a group! I mean some may say I'm being silly, and that adventure means sky diving, or zip lining, or so many things. But I just think travel in an of itself is an adventure!

What is your Idea of Adventure Travel?

I remember many years ago, pre-pandemic when I use to run, when I traveled I would always incorporate the need to run into planning my trip. This was and is my idea of adventure travel! Or when I wanted so desperately to travel to Spain and no-one wanted to go with me, so I planned my 9 day Trip to Spain Solo, that was adventure travel for me!

What is your idea of Adventure travel? There is no right or wrong answer (although I'm sure travel insurance companies would disagree with me). Doing the things you love to do, but traveling to a different space in this world and doing it there. Now that's an adventure!!!

Ever wanted to learn how to surf? When I traveled to Bali, the beach was filled with surfers in surf classes learning to surf and it looked so fun to me. I've promised myself that I will take a surfing class one time during my travels. But for those that want to learn or know how to and want to do it someplace different, how about surfing in Brazil??? There is a small town south of Salvador that offers surfing classes. Stay there and surf everyday, while enjoying a little bit of paradise!

ST will be looking to offer trips that allow you to be Adventurous during your travels. Reach out and be sure to join our ST Community by submitting you name and email and even tell us about your travel dreams. W e like and believe in dreams! Be in the know so you never miss an opportunity to be a part of our travel Adventures!

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