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There's a world of travel possibilities just waiting for you!

The Purpose

Empowering women through Travel.  I created this safe place for you to live out your dreams of traveling. To come together with other like minded women that embrace, nurture and encourage your desire to see & explore the world; whether near or far, whether single, married, or widowed.  A place to gather and find travel friends, support, tips and planned trips.  

What Makes ST Special

"We're more than a Travel Company, we're a Travel Community"

Each trip includes multiple  group & 1:1 meetings prior to the trip to learn more about our intended destination, a chance to get to know the other women in the group & roommates and to learn basic/helpful travel tips. 

Local Expert Guides

ST provides curated itineraries that include local tour guides; using woman guides when possible. ST strives to give you the most culturally authentic experience.

Handpicked Adventures

ST offers unique experiences that excite your senses and intrigue your mind. Variety is the spice of life.

Hidden Gem Destinations

ST takes you to see the familiar tourist sights, but then also takes you to the hidden gems of the region.